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Crime Issues and Controversies

Debate on criminal issues and controversies such as abortion, handguns, hate crimes, the war on drugs, medical marijuana and others.
  1. Hate Crime (31)
  2. Terrorism / Security (46)
  3. The Death Penalty
  4. War on Drugs (11)
  5. Weapons and Gun Control (119)

Crime and Punishment Weekly Polls 2010
The weekly crime polls covers a variety of current crime news and criminal issues.

Crime and Punishment Weekly Polls 2011
The weekly crime polls for 2011 covers a variety of current crime news and criminal issues.

Photo Gallery of Gang Tattoos
Browse the photo gallery of U.S. gang member's tattoos and find out what the tattoo gang art represents.

Crime and Punishment Weekly Polls 2009
The weekly crime polls cover an assortment of current crime news and criminal issues.

Crime and Punishment Weekly Polls 2008
Voice your opinion on this collection of crime polls covering an assortment of crime related issues.

Police Need Warrant to Search Cell Phones
Police cannot search the contents of a suspect's cell phone just because they make an arrest, they must have probable cause for a search warrant.

A Stormy Future May Face Cities Who Opened Arms to Katrina Evacuees
It has been a year since Houston opened the doors of the city and took in over 150,000 homeless victims of Katrina, winning the admiration of the country for their act of unparalleled generosity. But in retrospect, was it the most responsible decision for city officials to make for the tax-paying Houstonians?

Why Do Innocent People Make False Confessions?
Why would someone who is innocent confess to a crime? Research tells us that there is no simple answer, because many different psychological factors can lead someone to make a false confession.

You're the Jury - Guilty or Not Guilty?
Cast your vote on these famous criminal cases. Vote on new cases like the Duke rape case and old cases like Jeffrey MacDonald.

Study Reveals Faults With Eye Witness Testimony
Although eye witness testimony remains a crucial part of many criminal trials, research continues to demonstrate just how unreliable such testimony can be.

Do Stiffer Sentences Act as a Crime Deterrent?
Does the threat of facing longer sentences for repeat offenses discourage offenders from committing additional crimes?

Book Examines Celebrity and Serial Killers
"Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American Culture" is an in-depth study of how our construction and lionization of the serial killer as a cultural figure reflects Americans' unconscious, but deeply held, fears about human nature, power and sexuality.

Child Witnesses Honest, But Less Reliable
Children testifying in court are perceived to be more honest that adults, but their limited memory, communication skills and greater suggestibility may make them less reliable witnesses than adults.

Fetal Homicide: When is a Fetus Considered Human?
A look at different cases that have influenced the State and Federal laws surrounding the issue of fetal homicide.

Free Press vs. Fair Trials
Despite the growing news media fascination with murder and other high-profile trials, a new study has found that pre-trial publicity - and ongoing trial coverage - has little or no influence on the final verdict.

It's Official: 'Going Postal' Is Epidemic
Workplace violence has reached epidemic proportions, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, with an average of three or four supervisors killed each month in the United States.

Jury Patriotism Act: The Best Answer?
Due to fewer jurors showing up when called, the American Legislative Exchange Council has proposed model state legislation for the Jury Patriotism Act, to make jury service more appealing, rewarding and more difficult to skip.

Justice System Unfair, Unjust for Hispanics
Hispanics are overrepresented in the nation's criminal justice system, with Hispanic defendants imprisoned three times as often and detained before trial for first-time offenses almost twice as often as whites.

Mandatory Drug Sentencing Laws
In reaction to a virtual wave of cocaine being smuggled into the country and cocaine addiction reaching epidemic proportions in the 1980s, the U.S. Congress and many state legislatures adopted new laws that stiffened the penalties for anyone convicted of trafficking illegal drugs.

Supreme Court To Decide Fairness of Shackling in Death Case
The Supreme Court will decide if forcing criminals to appear at their sentencing hearings in shackles, violates their rights.

The Insanity Defense
The standard for claiming a defendant is not guilty by reason of insanity has changed through the years from strict guidelines to a more lenient interpretation, and back to a more strict standard again.

New Law Stiffens Penalties for Identity Theft
The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act which increases existing penalties for the crime of identity theft, establishes aggravated identity theft as a criminal offense, and establishes mandatory penalties for aggravated identity theft.

Controversies & Recent Studies of Batterer Intervention Program
Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) are designed for men arrested for domestic violence and for men who would be arrested if their actions were public. This study looks into the controversies about the effectiveness of such programs.

Fingerprints: Not a Gold Standard
Author, Jennifer L. Mnookin, discusses issues around the reliability factors in fingerprinting and the responsibility of judges to discern, when and when not, fingerprinting should be admissible evidence.

Shoot to Kill
In the post-Columbine world, police departments all over America are adopting new, no-nonsense SWAT-team tactics, according to Timothy Harper in this article in The Atlantic.

Televising Executions: Overview of the Arguments
This article presents the different sides of the debate surrounding executions of criminals being televised.

The Limits of the Polygraph
In this article at Issues.org, authors present an argument against polygraph test results being viewed as scientific and useful in a court of law.

Top 10 Crime Polls in 2010
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Weekly Crime Polls 2012
Each week you can voice your opinion on current crime stories, criminal behavior, laws, and crime and punishment cases.

Top Crime Polls of 2012
Every week the Crime and Punishment site posts crime-related polls on current news stories. Here are the results of the top 10 polls for 2012.

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