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Jeffrey MacDonald's Version


Jeffrey MacDonald has told his version of the events that took place the night that his wife and children were murdered on several occasions and his story has basically remained the same for 32 years.

According to his testimony Colette and the children went to bed and Kristen, who was sleeping with her mother, wet the bed. MacDonald discovered it when he was headed to bed and he carried her to her own bed, gave her a bottle, and then headed downstairs to sleep on the couch.

He woke up when he heard Colette and Kimberly screaming, but he was attacked immediately by three men. He said that one of them began hitting him on the head with what he thought was a baseball bat. The other two men were attacking him from the front.

The pajama top that he wore was pulled up over his head and wrapped around his wrists. He used this to protect himself from the punches. He fought back but because his hands were bound he could only push at his attackers.

A woman who was with the group, described as having long hair and wearing a floppy hat and boots, was holding a flickering candle and saying, "Acid is groovy, kill the pigs"

He fell unconscious on the living room floor. When he awoke he was laying on his stomach with his arms under him. His teeth were chattering and he was afraid he was going into shock.

When he got up he went immediately to find his wife. She was on the bedroom floor, covered in blood and laying against a chair. A knife was protruding from her chest. He pulled the knife out of her and threw it then pulled her to the floor to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. At some point he removed the pajama top from around his hands and covered Colette's chest with it to prevent shock.

He then went to the children's rooms and preformed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on each and checked their pulses. He tried one more time to save his wife and children by performing CPR on them, then called for help stating that his wife and kids were dying of stab wounds.

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