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Male Criminals, Serial Killers, Murderers, Rapists, Profiled A - Z

An Alphabetical List of Male Criminals Profiled


Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Mug Shot
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Abu-Jamal murdered police officer, Daniel Faulkner. His case became a platform for groups such as the anti-globalization movement, anti-death penalty groups, and the Black Nationalist movements who proclaim he is innocent

Mehmet Ali Agca
Turkish Assassin
Mehmet Ali Agca shot Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981 in Saint Peter's Square. Before the Pope John Paul died the two met face to face for over 30 minutes.

John Eric Armstrong
Serial Killer, Rapist
No one could believe that the child-like face of John Eric Armstrong, nicknamed 'Opie' by his navy friends, was really the face of a cold and calculating serial killer.

Alejandro Avila
Child Murderer, Pedophile
Avila was found guilty for kidnapping, sexually molesting and asphyxiating five-year-old Samantha Runnion.

Gaetano Badalamenti
Sicilian Mafia Boss
He was the ringleader of a $1.65 billion dollar drug smuggling operation that imported heroin from the Middle East and cocaine from South America and distributed the drugs through U.S. mid-western pizzeria store fronts.

Dennis Bagwell
Bagwell killed his mother and four others, including a four-year-old child, because his mother refused to give him money.

Joe Ball and His Alligator Pond
Serial Killer
Ball is suspected of killing as many as 20 women and feeding them to his pet alligators.

Klaus Barbie
"The Butcher of Lyon"
A Nazi war criminal, who was personally responsible for the torture and death of thousands of Jews, managed to evade execution for his war crimes by fleeing Europe to Bolivia with the assistance of U.S. intelligence agents.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
Child Predator, Torturer, Cannibal
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, a/k/a David Paul Brown, is a convicted child predator who is in prison after repeatedly molesting, torturing, and attempting to murder children. He was also suspected of murdering a child then disposing of the body through cannibalistic ways that involved his unsuspecting neighbors.

Cesar Barone - Rapist and Serial Killer from Oregon
Serial Killer, Sexual Predator, Rapist
The profile of serial killer Cesar Barone, now on death row in Oregon, for raping and killing senior-aged women. Barone, at the age of 19, was suspected of raping and murdering by strangulation his 71-year-old neighbor while she was in bed.

Robert Berdella
Serial Killer, Sexual Predator, Rapist
Around the neighborhood he was considered odd but was liked and participated in organizing a local community crime watch programs, but he was one of the most barbarous serial killers in U.S. history, who participated in vile acts of sexual torture and murder.

David Berkowitz - The Son of Sam
Serial Killer
David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam, is an infamous 1970s New York City serial killer who killed six people and wounded several others because a demon dog told him to do it.

Kirk Douglas Billie
Child Murderer
Miccosukee Indian Kirk Douglas Billie, 36, was sentenced to life in prison for the 1997 drowning death of his two sons, Kurt, 5 and Keith, 3. His case became a large dispute over tribal sovereignty and the state of Florida.

Arthur Gary Bishop
Serial Killer, Pedophile, Rapist
Arthur Gary Bishop went from being an honor student, Eagle Scout and teenage missionary to an obsessed pedophile and child killer which he later attributed to the pornography that he was to exposed to while growing up.

Ian Brady
Serial Killer, Rapist, Torturer
Ian Brady and his girlfriend Myra Hindley were British serial killers, responsible for a series of child murders that became known as the Moors Murders.

John Brown
Political Activist - 1859
Convicted of treason and hung after an attempt to take over an arsenal in Virginia in order to arm slaves was thwarted.

H. Rap Brown
Al-Amin a/k/a H. Rap Brown was the leader of one of the nation's largest Black Muslim groups, the National Ummah, when in March 2000, he fired on two police officers attempting to serve him a warrant on a minor theft charge. One of the officers died after Al-Amin shot an additional three shots into the wounded officer who was lying defenseless on the street.

Kenneth Eugene Bruce
Home Invasion, Murderer
Bruce brutally murdered a 55-year-old woman and attempted to kill her husband during a home invasion.

Martin Bryant
Mass Murderer
Martin Bryant went on a killing spree in the popular tourist destination of Port Arthur, Tasmania. During the Port Arthur Massacre, Bryant murdered 35 people and injured 37 others.

James J. Bulger
FBI Most Wanted
Bulger is wanted by the FBI for murder (18 counts), conspiracy to commit extortion, narcotics distribution, and other charges.

Ted Bundy
Serial Killer, Rapist, Necrophiliac
He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics. He was also one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. Bundy screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair was imminent. Then he told just enough to show the true evil inside him.

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