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Civil Rights-Era Cold Case Initiative

FBI Investigates Unsolved Pre-1969 Murders


Harriette Moore

Harriette Moore

Family Photo
The FBI is currently investigating more than 100 unsolved civil rights murders that occurred prior to 1969. The cases have been re-opened as part of the Civil Rights-era Cold Case Initiative which began in February 2006.

The Initiative is a joint effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as community leaders and civic organizations.

The following is a partial list of the cases being investigated. Included are the victims' names, date of death and location of their murder:

List of Civil Rights Victims

Louis Allen, January 31, 1964, Liberty, Mississippi
Benjamin Brown, May 10, 1967, Jackson, Mississippi
Charles Brown, June 20, 1957, Yazoo City, Mississippi
Jessie Brown, January 13, 1965, Winona, Mississippi
Silas Caston, March 1, 1964, Jackson, Mississippi
Vincent Dahmon, May-July 1966, Natchez, Mississippi
Roman Ducksworth, April 1961 or 1962, Taylorsville, Mississippi
Jimmie Griffen (Griffin), September 24, 1965, near Sturgis, Mississippi
Paul Guihard, September 30, 1962, Oxford, Mississippi
Wharlest Jackson, February 27, 1967, Natchez, Mississippi
George Lee, May 7, 1955, Belzoni, Mississippi
Sylvester Maxwell, Body discovered January 17, 1963, Canton, Mississippi
Robert McNair, November 6, 1964, Pelahatchie, Mississippi
Clinton Melton, December 3, 1955, Tallahatchie, Mississippi
Booker Mixon, October 12, 1959, Clarksdale, Mississippi
Mack Parker, April 25, 1959, Poplarville, Mississippi
William Prather, November 1, 1959, Corinth, Mississippi
Johnny Queen, August 8, 1965, Fayette, Mississippi
Donald Raspberry, February 1965, Okolona, Mississippi
Jessie Shelby, January 29, 1956, Yazoo City, Mississippi
Ed Smith, April 27, 1958, State Line, Mississippi
Lamar Smith, August 13, 1955, Brookhaven, Mississippi
Eddie Stewart, July 9, 1966, Jackson or Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Saleam Triggs, January 23, 1965, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Clifton Walker, February 28, 1964, Woodville or Natchez, Mississippi
Willie Edwards, January 23, 1957, Montgomery, Alabama
Rogers Hamilton, October 22, 1957, Fort Deposit, Alabama
Mattie Green, May 19, 1960, Ringgold, Georgia
Willie Joe Sanford, March 1, 1957, Hawkinsville, Georgia
Izell Henry, 1954, Greensburg, Louisiana
Oneal Moore, June 2, 1965, Varnado, Louisiana
Frank Morris, December 10, 1964, Ferriday, Louisiana
Robert Wilder or John Wesley Wilder, July 17, 1965, Ruston, Louisiana
Ladislado Urese, April 22, 1953, San Antonio, Texas
Harry Moore, December 25, 1951, Mims, Florida
Harriette Moore, January 3, 1952, Mims, Florida

Anyone with information about any of these cases is asked to contact their nearest FBI office.

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