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Female Gangs

Female gangs are no longer just satellites of male gangs, they have become a significant social problem on their own.

Who's at Risk of Joining a Gang?
Experts offer insight into the high-risk characteristics that can contribute to a youth being vulnerable to gang membership. Learn about them here.

Gangs Find New Recruits: Girls
A look at what motivates young girls to join male gangs and what motivates the males, to let them join.

Girl Gangs
Girl gangs have their own codes and their own brand of intimidation and these gangs are more prevalent than you might think.

Girl Style
The content of this page is dedicated to the life from a woman's perspective and all the content is provided by women. Most of the content is provided by women involved, at some point, with gang activity.

Girls in the Gang
"The girl behind the gangster is now the girl behind the trigger," writes Kent Kimes, in this article on the changing roles of women in gangs.

Teenage Girls Buying into Gang Violence
Female gang members have turned more violent and dangerous, according to a study in the Social Work, a journal of the National Association of Social Workers.

Teen-Age Girls in Smaller Cities Becoming Involved in Gangs
Deborah Mendez with the Associated Press, describes the movement of young women, some as young as 12, who, in a misguided search for respect and glamour, join or "kick it'' with male street gangs.

The Gender Composition of Gangs
In the past, little has been mentioned about female gang members beyond their role as sexual objects. That role has changed and has evolved into something more serious and deadly, as shown in this compelling report.

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