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Women on Death Row - Blanche Moore


Women on Death Row (NC)

Women on Death Row - Blanche Moore

North Carolina Department of Correction

General Information:

  • Date of Birth - 2/17/1933

  • Date of Offense - 10/7/1986

  • Age at Time of Offense - 56

  • Prior Prison Record - None

  • Location of Crime - Alamance County, North Carolina

  • Co-defendants - None

  • Race and Gender of Victim - White male

Crime Committed:

In 1989, police began investigating Moore after her second husband, Rev. Dwight Moore, became ill with suspicious symptoms. A doctor ordered toxic testing and determined his illness was from arsenic poisoning. He somehow survived the ingestion of large amount of poison over a week’s time.

The police became suspicious of Moore, and asked that the bodies of Moore's former boyfriend, Raymond Reid, and James N. Taylor, her first husband, who died 1973, be exhumed. It was determined that both men died of arsenic poisoning. Moore's father, P.D. Kiser, also died of symptoms similar to those that occur with arsenic poisoning.

Moore was convicted for the murder of her boyfriend, Raymond Reid and received the death penalty.

Speculators say Moore killed the men in her life because of a deep seeded hate of her alcoholic father that forced her into prostitution to help pay the family bills.

Source: North Carolina Department of Correction

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