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Women on Death Row - Erica Sheppard


Erica Sheppard

Women on Death Row - Erica Sheppard

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

General Information:

  • Date of Birth - 9/1/73

  • Date of Offense - 6/30/93

  • Age at Time of Offense - 19

  • Prior Occupation - Unemployed

  • Education - 12

  • Prior Prison Record - None

  • Location of Crime - Houston, Texas

  • Co-defendants - James R. Dickerson

  • Race and Gender of Victim - Female (race unknown)

Crime Committed:

Convicted in the robbery and murder of Marilyn Sage Meagher in Houston. Sheppard and co-defendant James Dickerson spotted Meagher carrying clothing from her car into her apartment at 4655 Wild Indigo and decided to rob her of her car. The pair tackled Meagher inside the apartment, and while she begged for her life, slashed her throat with knives five times. They then wrapped her head in a plastic bag and struck her in the head with a 10-pound statue. Sheppard and Dickerson fled in Meagher's 1993 Mazda 626 which was later recovered in Bay City, Texas.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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