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Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani


Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani


Wanted by the FBI:

Murder of U.S. Nationals outside the United States. Conspiracy to murder U.S. Nationals outside the United States. Attack on a federal facility resulting in death.


Born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Ahmed Ghailani is a five-foot three-inch to five-foot four-inch tall male who weighs 150 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes and a dark complexion. He has used multiple dates of birth: March 14, 1974, April 13, 1974, April 14, 1974, and August 1, 1970. He speaks Swahili.


Ahmad Khalafan Ghilani, Ahmed Khalfan Ahmed, Abubakar K. Ahmed, Abubakary K. Ahmed, Abubakar Ahmed, Abu Bakr Ahmad, A. Ahmed, Ahmed Khalfan, Ahmed Khalfan Ali, Abubakar Khalfan Ahmed, Ahmed Ghailani, Ahmad Al Tanzani, Abu Khabar, Abu Bakr, Abubakary Khalfan Ahmed Ghailani, Mahafudh Abubakar Ahmed Abdallah Hussein, Shariff Omar Mohammed, "Foopie", "Fupi", "Ahmed the Tanzanian"


Ahmed Ghailani was indicted in the Southern District of New York, on December 16, 1998, for his alleged involvement in the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. He should be considered armed and dangerous.


The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Ahmed Ghailani.

What to Do:

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your Local FBI Office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

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