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Mugshot and Arrests


Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was arrested with guns in South Beach, Florida after an alleged shooting took place.
Young Jeezy - Mugshot and Arrests

Atlanta Rapper Arrested on Gun Charges

Young Jeezy

The 28-year-old Atlanta rapper, Young Jeezy (Jay Jenkins) was arrested in South Beach, Florida and charged with two counts of carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

Jezzy and a group of nine other men were allegedly involved in a fight earlier in the evening. Shots were fired after a bystander who was filming the incident refused to turn over his camcorder to the group.

Jezzy and his group fled the scene in two SUVs, but were stopped shortly afterwards. Police found Jezzy in control of two semiautomatic firearms, one under his seat and one near the armrest.

According to the police, Jezzy has a previous arrest for carrying a concealed weapon.

Police also arrested Kariem Raheem, the alleged shooter, Tramiel De Juan Golden, who was charged with strong armed robbery and Steven Lesly Savain, who had a bench warrant out from a previous trespassing charge.

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