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Mugshots of Rap, HipHop and R&B Stars

Top Music Stars Busted


The lyrics of many rap music songs glorify drugs, guns and the gangster lifestyle, but with the long history of murder and violence surrounding some of the top stars of the industry, the image may be more of a reflection of their real-life circumstances, than an effort to appeal to a specific audience.
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Kahlil ShariefKhalil SharieffR Kelly MugshotR Kelly - Part 1R Kelly Mugshot (2)R Kelly - Part 2DMX MugshotDMX X
Marion "Suge" Knight Suge - Marion Knight Sean "Puffy" Combs MugshotPuffy, P. Diddy, Sean CombsMugshot of Jamal "Shyne" BarrowShyne Jamal BarrowTupac 2Pac Shakur
Mugshot of James "ODB" RussellODB Russell JonesOl' Dirty Bastard Russell Jones MugshotOl' Dirty Bastard Russell JonesYoung Jeezy - Mugshot and ArrestsYoung JeezyMugshot of Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg Mug Shot

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