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Natasha Lyonne


Natasha Lyonne

American Pie 2 Actress - Natasha Lyonne (a/k/a Natasha Bianca Braunstein)

Mug Shot
In August 2001, Lyonne was arrested in Miami after she was driving under the influence of alcohol and rammed into a sign (estimated at $2,500 in damage) and fled the scene. In 2002, Lyonne pleaded guilty to the DUI charge in Miami and was sentenced to six months probation, fined $729 and banned from driving for six months.

In April 2005, failed to appear in a New York court after an incident in December 2004 when she allegedly went ballistic and stormed into a neighbor's apartment in the early morning hours, smashed a mirror, and threatened the resident's dog. She was arrested and charged for criminal mischief, harassment, and trespassing.

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