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Willie Nelson Mug Shot

Country Legend Singer Willie Nelson Busted for Pot


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Mug Shot
Country singer Willie Nelson, 77, and two others were arrested by a border patrol officer in Sierra Blanca, Texas on Nov. 36, 2010 for possession of six ounces of pot. The arrests came after the officer smelled marijuana on Nelson's tour bus when stopped at a checkpoint.

This is the third arrest for Nelson. In 1997 he was arrested after police saw a joint in his ashtray. In 2006, Nelson was arresetd for possession of over a pound of marijuana and three ounces of mushroom.

“If the Texas prosecutors do not reduce the charges, and the marijuana's weight is indeed six ounces, then he is dealing with felony and a potential minimum of 180 days in a county jail and a maximum of two years, with a $10,000 fine,” said former California prosecutor, Robin Sax.

Nelson, who is a legend in country music, is best known for songs "On the Road Again" and Crazy.

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