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Suzanne Basso

Texas Death Row


Update: Suzanne Basso, age 59, was executed by lethal injection on February 5, 2014.
Suzanne Basso

Texas Death Row Inmate Suzanne Basso

Mug Shot
On August 26, 1998, Basso and co-defendants kidnapped Louis 'Buddy' Musso who was a 59-year-old mentally disabled man and caused his death by beating him with belts, baseball bats, steel-toed boots and hands and feet.

Basso, described as the ringleader of the group, encouraged the brutal beating.

The murder was committed for proceeds from an insurance policy on the victim (in which Basso was named the beneficiary) as well as other assets in which Basso was named heir.

Basso convinced Musso to move from New Jersey to Texas, under the guise that they would marry. Musso was found in a ditch with injuries so horrendous that the body was unrecognizable.

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Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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