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Ruben Gutierrez

Texas Death Row Inmate Ruben Gutierrez

Mug Shot
On September 5, 1998, in Brownsville, Gutierrez and codefendants, Rene Garcia and Pedro Gracia Garza, Jr., killed an 85-year woman in her home. The victim, the owner of a mobile home park, was in her mobile home, which she also used as an office at the time of the offense.

Gutierrez and his codefendants entered into the victim's office with the intent to rob her of money she kept in a safe.

When Gutierrez and codefendants entered the office, the victim was struck one time in the head with the intent of knocking her out. When she struggled, she was repeatedly struck in the head multiple times with blows from fist and steel toe shoes. She was also stabbed multiple times in the head with a screwdriver.

Autopsy reports indicate that multiple head bashing resulted in broken cheekbones and damage to the brain, resulting in death.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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