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Jamie McCoskey

Texas Death Row


Update: McCoskey was executed on November 12, 2013, by lethal injection in Texas. Here are his final words.
Jamie McCoskey

Texas Death Row Inmate Jamie McCoskey

On November 13, 1991, an engaged couple, Michael Keith Dwyer and Laurie Collins, returned to their apartment complex from a shopping trip. They went to their apartment, leaving the keys in the door while they brought groceries inside.

As Dwyer went to remove the keys, he encountered McCoskey standing in the doorway. McCoskey unzipped his jacket to reveal a hunting knife. When asked what he wanted, McCoskey replied that he wanted a ride and that the couple were going to take him where he wanted to go. Dwyer agreed to take McCoskey on the condition that Collins stay behind, but McCoskey insisted that she come along.

They started out with the couple in the front seat and McCoskey in back, but McCoskey eventually switched places with Collins so that he could exit quickly if a police officer pulled them over.

Eventually, McCoskey directed Dwyer to an embankment in the middle of an empty field. After the car was parked, McCoskey took the keys and walked over to an SUV parked nearby to tell its occupants that they were on private property and had to leave. McCoskey returned to the car, grabbed Dwyer around the neck, and put the knife to his throat. He then ordered Collins to handcuff Dwyer's hands behind him.

McCoskey then put Dwyer in the trunk. He returned to the car, got in the driver's seat, and tried to figure out how to drive the manual transmission. He ordered Collins to remove her shorts because he did not want her to jump out of the car and run.

McCoskey left the embankment, but could not find his way out of the surrounding neighborhood. He eventually got back onto the freeway. At some point while driving, he began fondling Collins's genitals. When she started crying, he turned up the radio so "she would not get embarrassed and so her boyfriend could not hear." McCoskey then unzipped his pants and tried to force her to engage in oral sex, but stopped after she resisted.

As McCoskey drove in the direction of the couple's apartment, Dwyer tried to tell him that Collins was pregnant and asked him not to hurt her. McCoskey responded that Dwyer better shut up and not make him mad.

He drove to an empty house near the freeway where he took Collins into the house at knife point and raped her. He then returned to the car and took Dwyer into the house. The next sound Collins heard was like "if somebody hit you in the stomach and you get the breath knocked out of you." She recognized the sound as coming from Dwyer.

Collins then jumped from the car and fled to a nearby house. The occupant of the house would not let her in until McCoskey showed up brandishing his knife. She was then let in the house and the police were called. They found Dwyer's body in the empty house. He had been stabbed approximately two dozen times.

When the police arrested McCoskey, they noticed knife scabbards strapped to his belt and his right leg. The knife used to stab Dwyer was on the floor a few feet away. Based on this evidence, the jury found McCoskey guilty of capital murder for murdering Dwyer during the course of kidnapping.

Jamie McCoskey was executed on November 12, 2013, at 6:44 p.m. CDT by lethal injection in Texas.

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Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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