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Texas Death Row Inmate Adam Ward

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On June 13, 2005, Adam Kelly Ward chased down and shot Commerce Code Enforcement Officer Michael "Pee Wee" Walker multiple times, killing him, after a disagreement outside Ward's home.

Court transcript of the events surrounding the murder:

Ward's family was cited numerous times for failing to comply with Commerce City's housing and zoning codes. At one time, a "demolish order" was issued on the Wards' home, but the Wards eventually agreed to comply with the codes governing their property. As a result of the most recent violation--the presence of unsheltered storage--the City imposed a clean-up deadline of June 11, 2005, or a non-compliance case would be filed with the municipal court. The Wards did not comply with the notice letter.

At 10:00 a.m. on June 13, 2005, Michael "Pee Wee" Walker, a City of Commerce Code Enforcement Officer, went to the Ward property to record the continuing violation. Walker wore his City of Commerce work shirt and drove a marked City of Commerce truck. He was unarmed, carrying only his digital camera. Ward was washing his car in the driveway when Walker arrived.

After parking his truck, Walker walked the perimeter of the Ward property and took pictures. At some point, Walker and Ward began arguing. Ward's father came outside and attempted to calm the men down. Ward then sprayed Walker with water from the hose that he was using to wash his car. Walker used his cell phone to call his office and request an officer's assistance. Ward's father tried to reason with Walker and told him, "We need to sit down and talk about this." But Ward's father became concerned when he noticed that Ward was no longer outside and advised Walker that it might be "best if he left the property." Ward's father then ran to look for Ward, as he believed that Ward had a gun in his room. Ward's father did not warn Walker about this fact.

Walker put his camera in the back of his truck and waited for the officer dispatched to assist him. However, before Ward's father could intervene, Ward, armed with a .45-caliber pistol, ran out of the house toward Walker and fired at him. Walker tried to use his truck as cover but Ward pursued him, chasing him around the truck at least twice, firing the gun again. Walker then ran back towards the Ward home. While in pursuit, Ward shot Walker several times. Walker finally fell across the sidewalk, and Ward shot him again at close range. The medical examiner later determined that Walker sustained nine gunshot wounds. After Walker fell down, Ward's father was able to take possession of the gun from Ward along with the empty magazine and another fully-loaded clip.

In his confession, Ward stated that he believed that the "City" was after his family and that he had previously been beaten up by the local police. He believed that the police would kill him if he were arrested again. When Walker arrived, Ward thought that Walker was a "bad ass, hot head," and he believed that Walker and the former Code Enforcement Director, Fred Eaton, had "threatened to tear down our house."

While Walker was taking pictures, Ward said that he and Walker got into an argument about how Walker had parked his truck on the street. Ward stated that Walker then started walking up to him "showing attitude," so Ward sprayed him with the hose. Ward claimed that, after he sprayed Walker with the hose, he was in fear of Walker, "just the way he was walking up. He threatened to call the cops and have--press charges on me and all." Ward stated that he was in fear for his life because, if the cops showed up to arrest him, he would probably end up dead. Ward said he got his gun for "self defense" and initially just meant to scare Walker, but he admitted that he knew he "emptied a magazine" at him. He confessed that he "overreacted" to the situation. There was no evidence presented confirming Ward's claims that he had ever been beaten by the police.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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