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Billy Anderson

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Billy Anderson

Billy Anderson

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Billy Raymond Anderson was indicted on July 21, 1998, for the first-degree murder and first-degree rape of Lorraine Watson.

At trial evidence showed that Anderson and Lorraine Watson were engaged to be married and that on the morning of July 7, 1998, Watson informed Anderson that she wanted to break off the engagement. She also told Anderson, who had been living in a mobile home on her parents' property, that she wanted him to move back to Fayetteville with his family.

Later that evening, while the couple was together at their part-time job, Anderson pleaded Lorraine not to terminate their relationship, but she remained adamant about the breakup.

Infuriated, Anderson pulled out a knife and began to rape Watson then attacked her with the knife, cutting her numerous times. He then grabbed an electrical cord and tied the cord around the victim's neck. He also wrapped electrical cords around her left arm and leg.

The following morning, an employee of the facility discovered Watson lying on the floor of one of the examination rooms. She was unclothed and the cord around her neck suspended her head off the floor. During an autopsy the medical examiner noted at least 75 knife wounds. He concluded that none of these wounds were fatal and that Watson died by asphyxiation.

On July 9, 1998, Anderson turned himself in to the police and gave a statement confessing to the murder.


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