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William Kelley

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William Kelley

William Kelley

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William Harold Kelley was convicted of the murder of Charles Von Maxcy. He was hired to kill him by Charles Von Maxcy’s wife, Irene Von Maxcy and her lover, John Sweet.

On October 3, 1966, Charles Von Maxcy was fatally stabbed and shot in his residence by Kelley. Irene Von Maxcy and Sweet planned to live together off of the victim’s inheritance, which was over a million dollars.

After Sweet was released due to insufficient evidence, the case remained dormant for over 10 years. In 1981, Sweet became involved in illegal mob activity in Massachusetts. During questioning by the police, Sweet offered testimony on the murder of Von Maxcy in return for immunity. Kelley’s prosecution was based mainly on this testimony.

Kelley’s first trial ended in a mistrial because the jury was unable to reach a verdict. Kelley’s second trial began in March of 1984 and resulted in a guilty verdict on first-degree murder, with a recommendation for the death penalty.

Codefendant Information:

Sweet was originally indicted and tried for the murder of Charles Von Maxcy. His first trial ended in a mistrial. In the second trial, he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Irene Von Maxcy later recanted her testimony regarding Sweet’s involvement in the murder, and Sweet’s sentence was reversed on appeal. Irene Von Maxcy served four and a half years for perjury.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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