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Ronnie Williams

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Ronnie Williams

Ronnie Williams

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Ronnie Keith Williams was found guilty of the 1993 stabbing of Lisa Dyke, which resulted in her death 19 days later.

On January 25, 1993, Ronnie Williams and his girlfriend’s sister, Ruth Lawrence, had a disagreement at the apartment Ruth lived in with her son David and the victim, Lisa Dyke. After the fight, Stephanie Lawrence, Williams’ girlfriend, told Williams he was no longer welcome at either her or her sister’s home.

On January 26, 1993, 9-1-1 operator Ilona Gerdner received an emergency call from Lisa Dyke. Gardner testified that the caller was begging for help because she had been stabbed.

When the officers arrived, Dyke answered the door nude and bleeding from numerous wounds. The victim was more than seven months pregnant at the time of the attack.

As paramedics treated her, Officer Gillespie questioned the victim as to who had assaulted her. Through the oxygen mask Dyke was wearing, Gillespie heard Dyke’s response as “Rodney.” When asked to clarify, Dyke answered “Ruth’s sister’s boyfriend” and gave him the telephone number of “Ruth’s sister.”

Dyke also asserted that he had raped her, though hospital personnel were unable to perform a rape examination or collect evidentiary samples before she was rushed into surgery.

The medical examiner noted that Lisa Dyke had been stabbed seven times, six of which were between one-quarter of an inch and one-half inch deep. The seventh stab wound was approximately four inches deep and had punctured her left lung. Lisa Dyke’s official cause of death was deemed to be multiple stab wounds that produced a fatally high level of toxicity in her body.

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