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Paul Everett

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Paul Everett

Paul Everett

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Paul Everett lived in Alabama, but came to Panama City Beach, Florida, during the week of Novemer 2, 2001. He stayed at a motel, played video games at one of the arcades, and used drugs. Around dusk on Novemer 2, Everett “ate some acid [LSD] and started tripping” and went looking for money. Everett walked into the apartment of Kelli Bailey, saw her purse and began rummaging through it. He found $70, but was confronted by Bailey. Everett’s recollection of the events was incomplete, but he remembered hitting her twice, grabbing her by the hair and sexually assaulting her.

The medical examiner testified that Bailey died from suffocation caused from a broken vertebra that caused her diaphragm muscles not to function. The vertebra was broken when Everett grabbed Bailey by the hair.

Specifically, injuries to Ms. Bailey resulting from the attack included a fractured nose, somewhat swollen eyelids, abrasions to the bottom of her chin, lacerations and bruising to various areas of her lip, a laceration to the top of the lip from which her front teeth protruded, bruising to the tongue, a knocked out tooth, abrasions and carpet burns to her thumb, elbows, and middle of her back, and abrasions to her vagina.

At the time of the murder, Everett was on bond pending the resolution of an appeal he had filed with an appellate court in Alabama. His trip to Florida violated the conditions of the bond, and, on the day of the murder, he was seized and placed in the Baldwin County, Alabama jail. A month after the murder, Everett confessed to breaking into Bailey’s house, fighting with her, and sexually assaulting her.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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