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Pablo Ibar

Florida Death Row Inmate


Pablo Ibar

Pablo Ibar

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Ibar was found guilty of armed robbery and the murders of Marie Rogers, Sharon Anderson and nightclub owner Casmir Sucharski. The bodies were found in Sucharski's home. All three died of gunshot wounds to the back and back of the head.

Video surveillance footage inside the house showed intruders coming inside the house, beating Sucharski, and shooting all three victims in the back of the head. Video footage also showed the intruders rummaging through the house and garage and taking Sucharski’s watch and boots. One of the intruders had something covering his face, but eventually removed it, while the other intruder wore a cap and sunglasses, which were never removed.

Miramar police distributed flyers with pictures of the intruders taken from the surveillance video footage.

Ibar lived with several friends in a rented house in Hollywood, Florida. One of the roommates identified Ibar and another roommate, Seth Penalver, as the men pictured on the flyer. Ibar was identified as the man who uncovered his face, while Penalver was identified as the man who wore a cap and sunglasses.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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