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Norman Parker

Florida Death Row Inmate


Norman Parker

Norman Parker

Florida Death Row Inmate
During an illegal drug transaction, the defendant, Norman Parker Jr., murdered Julio Chavez with a single gunshot.

On July 18, 1978, Parker and codefendant Robbie Lee Manson were admitted into a Miami home to complete an illegal drug deal with two male occupants of the home. Soon thereafter, the defendants produced firearms and demanded cocaine and money from the two men.

They were forced to surrender jewelry, strip naked and lie on a bed. Two other occupants, a female and her boyfriend, were discovered in another room and also were forced to strip naked and surrender jewelry.

All four victims were then confined to the same room, on the same bed. Parker then searched the home for additional valuables while Manson stood guard over the four occupants. After a period of time, Parker aimed a revolver at Chavez’s back, whereupon Manson handed him a pillow.

Parker then shot Chavez through the pillow. The other three victims heard the muffled shot and nothing further from Chavez. Parker then committed a sexual battery on the female. Both Parker and Manson then fled. They were later identified by the surviving victims from a photographic lineup.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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