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Michael Seibert

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Michael Seibert

Michael Seibert

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On March 17, 1998, two officers responded to an attempted suicide call at Michael Seibert’s apartment. While looking over Seibert’s apartment, one of the officers noticed a severed foot in the bath tub and yelled to the other officer there had been a homicide. Seibert was then taken into custody.

The body parts found in Seibert’s bath tub belonged to Karolay Adrianza.

Seibert had a roommate named William “Ace” Green who testified that on March 17, 1998, he saw Seibert with Karolay Adrianza and her boyfriend, Danny Navarres, in their apartment. The three ingested a large quantity of cocaine. Seibert sent Green and Navarres to the store to buy cigarettes and beer. When they returned, Navarres did not enter the apartment and said he had to go buy something and would be back later.

When Green arrived back at the apartment alone, Adrianza asked for her boyfriend and made several phone calls to see where he was. After about 30 minutes, Seibert asked Green to leave and keep an eye out for Navarres stating that he wanted to be alone with Adrianza.

Green returned to the apartment but did not have a key so he called several times, but Seibert would not answer. He then knocked on the door and Seibert said to come back later making comments that he only needed a little bit longer before he would be in her pants.

Later on, when Green knocked on the door again, Seibert asked him to go buy some cigarettes. Green refused and said he wanted inside. An argument occurred and, at one point, Seibert stated he was going to kill himself. Green then called the police and reported a suicide attempt.

Adrianza’s body was in the bath tub clothed in a shirt and underwear. Most of the soft tissue below her waist had been removed (approximately 40 to 50 pounds) which included part of her abdominal wall, the large bowel and part of the small bowel, which had been flushed down the toilet.

Adrianza’s left hand, left foot and left ankle and been separated from the body.

Examiners estimated that the cutting and flushing of her body that Seibert did would have taken about an hour. Adrianza died from strangulation. There was also evidence of Seibert’s semen inside Adrianza’s body. It could not be determined if Seibert had sex with Adrianza before or after her death.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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