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Lucious Boyd

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Lucious Boyd

Lucious Boyd

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In the early morning hours of Dec. 5, 1998, Dawnia Dacosta ran out of gas and walked to a Texaco gas station and filled a gas can. People at the gas station saw her get into a teal church van with Lucious Boyd.

On Dec. 7, 1998, Dacosta's body was discovered in an alley behind a warehouse. The body was wrapped in a shower curtain liner, a brown bed sheet, and a yellow bed sheet. A purple laundry bag and two large black trash bags covered her head.

Forensic evidence showed that Dacosta died due to a penetrating head wound. Bruising on Dacosta’s head was consistent with the face plate of a reciprocating saw, and wounds to the chest, arms, and head were consistent with a torque screwdriver. Dacosta’s body also had vaginal bruising.

Lucious Boyd did routine maintenance for the Hope Outreach Ministry Church, which owned a teal van. He was driving the van on the weekend of the Dacosta murder. The van contained various tools owned by the church, including a set of torque screwdrivers and a reciprocating saw.

DNA and hair evidence from Dacosta’s body matched Boyd’s DNA profile. Bite marks on Dacosta’s arm were consistent with Boyd’s teeth. Tire tracks on one of the sheets used to cover Dacosta were consistent with the tires on the church van.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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