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Louis Gaskin

Louis Gaskin

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On the evening of December 20, 1989, Louis Gaskin spotted a light in the Palm Coast home of Robert and Georgette Sturmfels. Gaskin parked his car in the woods and, with a loaded gun, approached the Sturmfels home. He saw the Sturmfels in the den and fired two shots through the window, striking Mr. Sturmfels.

When Mrs. Sturmfels rose to leave the room, Gaskin shot her once and Mr. Sturmfels once more. Mrs. Sturmfels crawled into the hallway, and when Gaskins saw her through an outside door, he shot her again.

Gaskin then pulled out a window screen, broke a window, and entered the house. He fired one more bullet into each of the Sturmfels’ heads and covered the bodies with blankets. Gaskin then burglarized the house, taking lamps, VCRs, cash, and jewelry.

Gaskin then went to the home of Joseph and Mary Rector, whom he also found in the den of their home. While Gaskin cut their phone lines, the Rectors turned off the lights and went to bed. He threw a log and rocks at the house to rouse the Rectors, and when Mr. Rector went to investigate the disturbance, Gaskin shot him from outside the house.

The Rectors managed to escape in their car, with Gaskin firing shots at the car.

Gaskin was implicated in the crimes by his girlfriend’s cousin, Alfonso Golden. Golden told authorities that Gaskin arrived at Golden’s home on the night of the murders to drop off some Christmas presents. He told Golden that he had "jacked" the presents and left the victims "stiff." Golden learned of the robberies and murders after watching the news and called the authorities to report Gaskin’s involvement in the crimes.

Gaskin was arrested on December 30, 1989 and more stolen property was found in a search of his home. After signing a rights-waiver form, Gaskin confessed to the crimes and led the authorities to further evidence of the crime in a nearby canal. The "presents" left at the Golden’s home were subsequently identified as belonging to the Sturmfels.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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