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Johnny Kormondy

Johnny Kormondy

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In the early morning hours of July 11, 1993, the victims, Gary McAdams and his wife Cecilia McAdams, had returned from a high school reunion. They heard a knock at their door. When Mr. McAdams opened the door, Curtis Buffkin was on the other side holding a gun.

Buffkin forced his way into the house and ordered the McAdams to get down on the kitchen floor and keep their heads down. James Hazen and Johnny Kormondy then entered the house. Both Kormondy and Hazen had socks on their hands. After the three men took personal valuables from the McAdams, the phones were disconnected from the wall and the blinds were closed.

At this point, one of the men took Mrs. McAdams to a bedroom in the back and forced her at gunpoint to remove her dress and to perform oral sex on him. One of the other men, described as having sandy-colored hair that hung down to his collar bone, entered the room and proceeded to rape Mrs. McAdams while the first man forced her to perform oral sex on him again.

After she was taken to the kitchen, naked, and placed with her husband, one of the men took her back to the bedroom and raped her again. While he was raping her, a gunshot was fired in the front of the house.

Mrs. McAdams heard one of the men yell for “Bubba” or “Buff”, and the man raping her stopped and ran to the front of the house. Mrs. McAdams left the bedroom and was walking towards the front of the house when she heard a gunshot from the bedroom. When she entered the kitchen, she saw Mr. McAdams on the floor with blood coming from the back of his head.

After the murder, Kormondy’s wife asked him to leave the family home. Kormondy left and moved in with Willie Long. Kormondy confessed to Long about the murder and admitted that he had shot Mr. McAdams but, explained it had gone off accidentally. Long went to the police because of the $50,000 reward for information.

During the trial, the medical examiner testified that Mr. McAdams’ death was caused by a contact gunshot wound, meaning the barrel of the gun was pressed to Mr. McAdams’ head.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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