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Jason Looney

Jason Looney

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On July 26, 1997, Guerry Hertz, Jason Looney, and Jimmy Dempsey left an acquaintance’s house on foot, which was within walking distance of the victims’ home, at approximately 11 p.m. A neighbor of the victims said that, at approximately 2 a.m., Hertz came to her home requesting to use her telephone because “his truck had broken down.” She refused and the three men resumed their walk up the road towards the victims’ home.

Acting as a decoy, Dempsey and Hertz knocked on the victims’ front door and asked if they could use a telephone. King gave them a cordless telephone and Dempsey pretended to make a call. When Dempsey started to hand the phone back to King, Hertz forced his way into the home at gunpoint. Looney entered after him and targeted Spears with his rifle.

King and Spears were forced face down on their bed after being bound and gagged with duct tape. The three defendants stole various items including a television, a VCR, furniture, jewelry, CDs, and $1500 cash. They loaded the stolen goods into the victims’ two vehicles.

Hertz and Looney decided that they could not leave witnesses and then poured accelerants throughout the house, after which all three men went back to the bedroom and shot King and Spears to death.

After the shootings, the house was set afire. Looney drove away in the victims’ Ford Mustang with Dempsey as a passenger, while Hertz drove the victims’ white Ford Ranger. Dempsey reported that the entire episode spanned two hours.

They drove to Hertz’ house so that they could divide the money and unload the stolen cargo then drove to Daytona Beach, Florida where they were arrested after a shootout with police.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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