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Harry Jones

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Harry Jones

Harry Jones

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On July 18, 1991, George Young, the victim, went to a Tallahassee liquor store. Harry Jones entered the store with Timothy Hollis while Young was talking to Archie Hamilton, his friend who worked at the liquor store.

While in the store, Jones helped an intoxicated and ill Hollis to the rest room. Young assisted Jones in taking Hollis outside and agreed to give Jones and Hollis a ride home.

Several witnesses testified seeing the three men leave the liquor store in Young’s red truck shortly before 7:00 p.m. Hollis’s mother said that Jones and a white-haired man, later identified as Young, dropped her son off before leaving together.

Young’s truck was involved in an accident later that night. Jones, the only occupant of the vehicle, was taken to the emergency room for treatment. A detective was sent to question Jones when authorities realized that the owner of the truck was missing.

Jones claimed that he paid $20 to borrow the truck from a black man in “Frenchtown.”

Young’s body was found in a pond on June 6th. The witnesses who found Young’s body said that they had seen Jones fishing in nearby ponds on previous occasions.

Expert testimony said that soil and pollen samples found on Jones’ clothes were similar to those found at Boat Pond. Additionally, the lottery tickets that were in Jones’ possession were purchased at the same time and location as the tickets found in Young’s truck.

The medical examiner reported that fresh water drowning was the cause of Young’s death, however he could not determine whether Young was conscious when he died. Young also suffered a fractured arm and several broken ribs, which were consistent with defensive injuries prior to death.

Kevin Prim, an inmate who had been housed in the medical cell with Jones, said that Jones described how he met a “guy” and tried to rob him before he held him underwater until he stopped moving. Another cellmate corroborated Prim’s testimony by stating that he overheard Jones tell Prim that he had killed a man.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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