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Freddie Lee Hall

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Freddie Lee Hall

Freddie Lee Hall

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On February 21, 1978, Karol Hurst, who was 21 years old and seven months pregnant at the time, was leaving the Pantry Pride grocery store in Leesburg, Florida at approximately 3:00 p.m., when Hall approached her.

Hall and an accomplice, Ruffin, were looking for a car to use in a robbery, when Hall approached Hurst and forced her into their car. Hall drove the car away, with Hurst and Ruffin following in another car. Hurst was driven to a wooded area, beaten, raped, and shot, then the body was dragged further into the woods.

Later that evening, Hall and Ruffin walked into a convenience store in Hernando County, Florida. The conduct of the pair aroused the suspicions of the store clerk, who called the sheriff substation located across the street from the store.

Deputy Lonnie Coburn responded to the call and met Hall and Ruffin in the store’s parking lot.

Although conflicting evidence existed, at some point in the confrontation between Hall, Ruffin, and Deputy Coburn, Deputy Coburn was disarmed and shot and killed with his own gun.

Hall and Ruffin fled the scene. The pair were spotted and pursued by another deputy, during which gunfire was exchanged between the pair and the deputy. Eventually, Hall and Ruffin abandoned their car and were later apprehended. Deputy Coburn’s gun was found in the abandoned car.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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