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Darius Kimbrough

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Darius Kimbrough

Darius Kimbrough

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On July 13, 1990, Dean Kilgore was convicted of first-degree murder and resentenced to death.

Kilgore was serving two life sentences for prior offenses, first-degree murder and kidnapping, as well as a five year term for armed trespass, which began on July 31, 1978. On Feb. 1989, while serving his sentence, Kilgore waited outside a cell that belonged to his lover, Emerson Robert Jackson. When Jackson appeared, Kilgore stabbed him three times with a homemade shank knife. After stabbing Jackson, Kilgore poured a caustic liquid onto Jackson’s face and into his mouth.

After the incident, Kilgore immediately went to the administration building and admitted the murder to the guards.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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