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Dana Williamson

Florida Death Row Inmate


Dana Williamson

Dana Williamson

Florida Death Row Inmate
Dana Williamson was convicted and sentenced to death for the November 4, 1988 murder of Donna Becker.

On the evening of November 4, 1988, Robert Decker, his father Clyde and his two-year-old son Carl arrived home a few minutes before 9:00 p.m. and found Charles Panoyan, a long-time acquaintance and co-worker, waiting for them in their driveway.

Panoyan accompanied the family inside and shortly after 9:00 p.m., Panoyan went to his truck to retrieve some venison that he had brought as a gift for the Deckers. Moments after Panoyan returned, a masked gunman (later identified as Dana Williamson) entered the house and put a gun to Clyde’s head.

Williamson bound Clyde and Robert and took their wallets then demanded to know where more money and drugs were in the house. Even though there was an estimated $2,000 in cash in the house, Robert responded that he had none. At one point, Robert saw Williamson whisper something to Panoyan.

During the robbery Donna Becker arrived home. Williamson stabbed Donna several times. After being stabbed, Donna managed to call 911 and alerted police to the robbery and expressed concern for her husband’s and son’s safety.

Williamson then shot Robert, his father Clyde and his son Carl all in the head. The men and the boy survived, however Donna Decker was found dead in the closet when police arrived at the scene.

Months later, Charles Panoyan identified Dana Williamson as the perpetrator of the robbery and murder.

Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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