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Charles Foster

Florida Death Row Inmate


Charles Foster

Charles Foster

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On July 15, 1975, Charles Foster and the victim, Julian Lanier, met two girls at a bar who agreed to go somewhere else to drink with the two men. Lanier bought whiskey and cigarettes and the four left in Lanier’s camper-trailer.

Foster and the girls had planned for Lanier to have sex with one of the girls in exchange for money. The vehicle was parked in a deserted area and Lanier and one of the girls began to undress.

Foster then hit Lanier, put a knife to Lanier’s throat and cut his neck. Lanier was then dragged into the bushes where he was laid face down and covered with pine branches and leaves. Lanier continued to breathe, so Foster took a knife and cut Lanier’s spine at the base of his neck.

The girls and Foster then drove away in Lanier’s vehicle and found his wallet underneath a mattress. Foster and the girls split the money in the wallet and left the vehicle in a motel parking lot.

One of the girls reported the crime and was not charged.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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