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Adam Davis

Florida Death Row Inmate


Adam Davis

Adam Davis

Prison Photo
On June 26, 1998, Adam Davis, girlfriend Valessa Robinson and John Whispel decided to rob and kill Robinson's mother, Vicki Robinson. After spending the evening buying and using drugs, the three came up with a plot to inject Ms. Robinson with a syringe filled with bleach and an air bubble. After the injected bleach failed to kill her, Davis stabbed her to death and tried to break her neck.

A few hours later, the three cleaned the kitchen with bleach and towels. Davis put Ms. Robinson’s body into a trash can, and loaded the trash can, along with shovels and a hoe into Ms. Robinson’s van and drove to a wooded area to bury her. The digging was unsuccessful, so they concealed the trash can with foliage, planning to come back later.

The three later returned to Ms. Robinson’s house and obtained her credit cards, cash, and ATM card since Valessa knew Ms. Robinson’s personal identification number. They spent the next few days in Ybor City, using Ms. Robinson’s money to get tattoos and stay at motels. They also purchased twenty bags of concrete, a bucket, and a trash can, with the intention of dumping the body in a canal.

While Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were in Ybor City, Florida, Ms. Robinson’s boyfriend, Jim Englert, reported her missing. Davis learned from a friend that both Davis and Valessa were on the news, so the three decided to leave town and flee to Phoenix, Arizona. They never returned to complete their plans to dispose of Ms. Robinson’s body.

Ms. Robinson’s credit union tracked the use of her credit card, and Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were apprehended in Pecos County, Texas, after a high-speed chase.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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