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John Sansing

John Sansing

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On February 24, 1998, Sansing called a church and requested a charitable food delivery, intending to rob the delivery person so he could purchase cocaine for himself and his wife.

Trudy Calabrese delivered the food to the home at a time when Sansing, his wife, and four children were there. Sansing attacked Ms. Calabrese from behind and forced her to the floor. With the aid of his wife, he bound Ms. Calabrese's arms and legs. As Ms. Calabrese struggled and pleaded with Sansing's wife and children to help her, Sansing beat her in the head with a club.

Sansing eventually dragged Ms. Calabrese into a bedroom, raped her and fatally stabbed her. He covered her body with a pile of clothing, then left to trade Ms. Calabrese's jewelry for drugs that he and his wife consumed.

Each of the four Sansing children saw Ms. Calabrese's dead body in the home.

Source: Arizona Department of Corrections

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