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Danny Jones

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Danny Jones

Danny Jones

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On March 26, 1992, Jones and Robert Weaver were visiting in Robert's garage. Inside the home, Robert's 74-year-old grandmother, Katherine Gumina, sat watching television while Robert's seven-year-old daughter, Tisha, lay on the floor, working on some school work.

At approximately 8:40 p.m., Jones attacked an unsuspecting Robert from behind, striking him once in the head with a bat. Once Robert was down, Jones entered the home and attacked Katherine Gumina.

Tisha Weaver immediately fled to her parents' bedroom, where she hid under the bed. Leaving Gumina for dead, Jones searched the house for Tisha. Upon finding her, he dragged Tisha out from under the bed and struck her twice in the head and then strangled her.

Once Tisha was dead, Jones raided Robert's gun cabinet, stealing his gun collection. He then took the keys to Katherine Gumina's car and went out to the garage to place the guns in the car. There, Jones found that Robert had regained consciousness. Still armed with the bat, he chased Robert as he attempted to flee. Upon catching Robert, Jones inflicted three more blows to his head. Once Robert was down, he inflicted two additional blows then drove away in Katherine's car.

Source: Arizona Department of Corrections

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