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Derek Chappell

Derek Chappell

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Derek Chappell was dating Kristal Shackleford who had a young son, Devon, from a previous relationship. Chappell felt that he was always in competition with Devon for Kristal's attention and affection.

In December of 2003 Chappell was baby-sitting Devon and became so frustrated that he choked him, cutting off his air and blood supply, and causing severe bruising. Child Protective Services investigated this incident and Chappell was ordered to have no further contact with Devon.

Despite orders and CPS's involvement, Kristal and Chappell continued their relationship.

In the early morning hours of March 11, 2004, Kristal called the police to report that Devon was missing from their apartment. Shortly after police arrived on the scene, they found two-year-old Devon floating in the apartment complex pool. The investigation proved that Chappell took Devon from the apartment in the middle of the night, carried him to the pool, and drowned him to death.

Source: Arizona Department of Corrections

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