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Prosecutors Oppose 'Tookie' Williams' Clemency

Crips Gang Co-Founder Faces Death Penalty


Updated July 02, 2006
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger scheduled a clemency hearing Dec. 8 in the case of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of the Crips street gang, who was scheduled to be executed Dec. 13 for the murder and robbery of four people.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney filed a response opposing Williams' petition for executive clemency. The following pages are excerpts from the prosecutor's response, outlining the crimes of Stanley Williams and the evidence presented against him.


On February 28, 1979, Stanley Williams murdered Albert Lewis Owens during a robbery of a 7-Eleven convenience store. On March 11, 1979, Stanley Williams murdered Tsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee-Chen Lin during a robbery at their family-run motel, the Brookhaven.

In March of 1981, a jury convicted Stanley Williams of the first-degree murder and robbery of Albert Lewis Owens, the first-degree murders of Tsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee-Chen Lin, and the robbery of Tsai-Shai Yang.

The jury also found true the allegations that Williams personally used a shotgun during the commission of each of the murders and robberies. Finally, the jury found true the special circumstance allegations of robbery-murder and multiple murder.

On April 15, 1981, the trial court, following the jury's recommendation, sentenced Williams to death. On October 11, 2005, the United States Supreme Court denied Williams' petition for writ of Certiorari. On October 24, 2005, Williams' execution date was set for December 13, 2005.

This cold-blooded killer, Stanley Williams, now seeks mercy, the very mercy he so callously denied Albert, Tsai-Shai, Yen-I, and Yee-Chen. Stanley Williams does not deserve this mercy.

Overwhelming Evidence

In fact, despite the overwhelming nature of the evidence against him, and despite the non-existence of any credible defense, Stanley Williams has steadfastly refused to take any responsibility for the brutal, destructive, and murderous acts he committed. Without such responsibility, there can be no redemption, there can be no atonement, and there should be no mercy.

For nearly 25 years, justice has been held in abeyance while Williams took advantage of a legal system designed to protect his rights. His rights have been protected. It is now time for the victims' voices to be heard. We ask that clemency be denied, and that the ultimate punishment, imposed so many years ago, now be fulfilled.

Los Angeles District Attorney's Office

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