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Michael Archuleta


Michael Archuleta - Scheduled Execution - April 2012 - STAYED
Michael Archuleta

Michael Archuleta

Mug Shot
Victim: Gordon Ray Church, 28
Date of Scheduled Execution: April 5, 2012
State: Utah
Manner of Execution: Firing Squad

Michael Archuleta along with co-defendant Lance Wood kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered Gordon Ray Church on November 21, 1988, in Cedar Canyon, Utah.

According to court testimony, Archuleta and Wood tortured Church by attaching battery cables to his testicles and to the car battery. They then used a tire jack and a tire iron to beat him to death and Archuleta inserted the tire iron into Church's rectum which pierced his liver. Church died from both the beating and his damaged liver.

The following day Wood voluntarily went the police and told them about the crime. Both men were charged with first degree murder. Wood was given a life sentence and Arhculeta received a death sentence.

If the execution goes as scheduled, which is unlikely because Archuleta has not exhausted his federal appeals, he will be the first person to die by firing squad in Utah since Ronnie Lee Gardner who was executed on June 18, 2010.

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