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Brian David Mitchell - Part 2


Brian David Mitchell

Brian David Mitchell

Mug Shot

Lois Smart Meets Mitchell a.k.a. Emmanuel:

Mitchell would take on odd jobs at times when panhandling failed to produce enough money for the couple to survive. At one point, he cut his hair, shaved his beard, and attempted to present himself in a more acceptable way in order to get more work. It was during this time, in November 2001, that Lois Smart met Mitchell and offered him work for pay which he did for five hours. The Smarts often hired those who were down on their luck to help with odd jobs around their home.

The Mitchells Are Excommunicated:

In November 2001, Mitchell, who at one time had been second counselor to the bishop in a Salt Lake City ward, and wife Barzee, were excommunicated from the LDS church because of their "activity promoting bizarre teachings and lifestyle far afield from the principles and doctrines of the Church" as reported by one official to the AP. It was during that week that Elisabeth Smart disappeared and the entire country had their eyes on Salt Lake City in hopes that the young girl would be found.

Mitchell's 'Manifesto':

Mitchell, in the meantime, was busy writing and promoting his gospel, "The Book of Immanuel David Isaiah," where he describes himself as a "ministering angel" who was sent to Earth to correct the Mormon church and restore its fundamental values. Of those fundamental values which have been abolished by the Mormon church, pologamic marriages was one of them and one of the chosen values that Mitchell wanted to reinstate within the church teachings.

Mitchell Wanted Many Wives:

In Mitchell's "manifesto", section four, dated Feb. 17, 2002: He wrote, "And thou shalt take into thy heart and home seven times seven sisters, to love and care for;...and thou art the jubilee of them all, first and last, for all are given unto them, for thou art a Queen, Oh Hephzibah! This was later interpreted to mean that Barzee, who he refers to as Hephzibah, is to accept and care for Mitchell's 49 additional wives but that she will remain his lead wife.

Elizabeth Smart is Kidnapped:

Elizabeth Smart was allegedly the unfortunate victim chosen to fulfill Mitchell's prophecy that he should have multiple wives. Mitchell, according to court papers, entered her bedroom while the child slept next to her sister, awakened her with a knife to her side, and instructed her to follow him. She was forced to walk four miles to a secluded camp area where the Mitchell's lived. It would be nine months before she would ever be seen again as Elizabeth Smart.

Elizabeth Smart is Found:

On March 12, 2003 the police stopped the three people walking down a Sandy, Utah street after they got a call that one might be the missing Smart child. The young girl with the grey wig and veiled face was indeed the missing child. When police questioned her, she seemed to show signs of Stockholm syndrome and at first denied her identity and cried with concern on what would happen to her captors. She was quickly reunited with her parents and family.

The Mitchell's are Charged with Felonies:

Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ilene Barzee were charged with four first-degree felonies -- one count each of aggravated burglary and aggravated kidnapping and two counts of aggravated sexual assault and also two felony counts of aggravated burglary and attempted aggravated kidnapping for allegedly trying to break into the home of Smart's cousin, Jessica Wright, on July 24.

Brian David Mitchell Now:

Mitchell's father has visited his son in prison and has said that Brian feels as if he is still doing God's work and following his chosen path.
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