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Gerardo Salazar

Wanted for Human Trafficking


Gerardo Salazar

Gerardo Salazar

Gerardo Salazar, also known as "El Gallo," is wanted by the FBI for his involvement in a human trafficking ring operating between Mexico and Houston, Texas. Authorities say Salazar recruited young Mexican females, including at least two minors, for prostitution. Salazar and his associates would convince the victims to come to the United States as their girlfriends, but once in the U.S. they would force them into prostitution through beatings, threats and deception. Five of Salazar's co-conspirators have pleaded guilty and are in prison.

On July 26, 2005, a state arrest warrant was issued for Gerardo Salazar for the sexual assault of a child. On November 9, 2005, Salazar was charged federally with sex trafficking of children.

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