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Barry James Deemer

Wanted By the FBI


Barry James Deemer

Barry James Deemer

In October 1995, Barry James Deemer attempted to get someone to kill his ex-girlfriend in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. According to court papers, Deemer gave the person an an unregistered, semi-automatic pistol and ammunition to be used in the murder of the woman. He was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, and a variety of violations of the Uniform Firearms Act.

Deemer is 65 years old, 5-9 and 240 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. He has scars on his right wrist and right ankle. He is known to frequent flea markets, gun shows and auto shows in Pennselvania and Kentucky. He also plays several musical instruments. Deemer may be traveling with his girlfriend, Sally Ann Suttle, 53, who works as a nurse.

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