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Fugitives Wanted for Violent Crimes

Wanted by the FBI


Pictures of fugitives from justice who are wanted by the FBI for flight to avoid prosecution for various violent crimes. Information about these fugitive is taken directly from their FBI wanted posters. If you encounter any of these suspects, call 9-1-1 or contact your local FBI office.
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Oscar ChaviraOscar ChaviraDarrell Rene CopperDarrell Rene CopperRobert Carlos CruzRobert Carlos CruzLeslie Charles DawsonLeslie Charles Dawson
Lester Gordon EdmondsonLester Gordon EdmondsonAmparo Altagracia Montas HernandezAmparo Altagracia Montas HernandezZahidul IslamZahidul IslamDeroy King Jr.Deroy King Jr.
Michael Edward McAfeeMichael Edward McAfeeRobert Otilio MontoyaRobert Otilio MontoyaMichael Christian MoranMichael Christian MoranLuis E. MorquechoLuis E. Morquecho
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