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The Murder of Pamela Vitale

Background and Latest Developments


On Oct. 15, 2005, famous defense attorney Daniel Horowitz returned home from work to find this wife, Pamela Vitale, 52, bludgeoned to death in the entry way of the mobile home the couple was living in while building their dream home nearby. Evidence at the scene suggested Vitale had fought violently with her attacker.

Latest Developments

Dyleski Found Guilty of Pamela Vitale's Murder
Aug. 28, 2006
A California jury deliberated for four days before returning a guilty verdict on all counts against 17-year-old Scott Dyleski. Dyleski was found guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances, meaning he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Previous Developments

Scott Dyleski Linked to Victim's Blood
Aug. 15, 2006
A DNA expert witness for the prosecution testified that Pamela Vitale's blood was found on a face mask, a glove and a bag found in an abandoned van outside the home of Scott Dyleski.

Evidence Mounts Against Scott Dyleski
Aug. 8, 2006
Using the testimony of friends, neighbors and people who lived in the same house as Scott Dyleski, prosecutors are slowly building a stack of evidence pointing at the 17-year-old.

Daniel Horowitz Describes 'A Scene of Blood'
Aug. 1, 2006
Famed attorney and television legal analyst Daniel Horowitz took the witness stand to describe for the jury the scene when he came home Oct. 15, 2005 to find his wife, Pamela Vitale, laying dead in the foyer of their home.

Conflicting Opening Statements
July 31, 2006
Prosecutors told the jury that the 17-year-old hit the 52-year-old Vitale in the head 26 times with a blunt object after surprising her at her computer then carved a gothic symbol into her back. The defense told the jury Dyleski was home at the time of the murder.

Jury Selections Begins
July 17, 2006
Potential jurors were asked if news stories have caused them to form any opinions about the case of a 17-year-old California teen, being tried as an adult, for the murder of the wife of television analyst and attorney Daniel Horowitz.

DNA Links Dyleski to Vitale Murder
Feb. 17, 2006
After hearing 22 witnesses during more than three days of testimony in a preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Mary Ann O'Malley ruled their was sufficient evidence to hold 17-year-old Scott Dyleski over for trial for the murder of Pamela Vitale.

Teen's 'To Do' List Linked to Vitale's Murder
Feb. 16, 2006
A former housemate of the teen charged with killing Pamela Vitale testified at a preliminary hearing that he found a gruesome to-do list left in a dresser drawer used by Scott Dyleski linking him to the crime.

Susan Polk Wants to Fire Horowitz
Jan. 13, 2005

The woman whose murder trial was declared a mistrial when her attorney's wife was found killed in their home in October has asked the judge to let her represent herself in the rescheduled trial beginning Jan. 31.

Vitale Suspect's Mom to Testify Against Him
Oct. 30, 2005
The mother of Scott Dyleski, the teen accused of murdering Pamela Vitale, has been released from jail on charges of obstruction after she agreed to testify against her son. Meanwhile, a new theory on the motive for the brutal slaying has emerged.

Suspect's Mother Arrested in Pamela Vitale Case
Oct. 27, 2005
The mother of Scott Dyleski, charged with the death of Daniel Horowitz's wife Pamela Vitale, has been arrested on charges of accessory to murder on the day her 16-year-old son was arraigned on first-degree murder charges.

Teen Pothead Arrested for Pamela Vitale Murder
Oct. 20, 2005
A teenage neighbor of Daniel Horowitz, who was apparently involved in a credit-card-theft scheme to purchase marijuana-growing equipment, has been arrested for murder in connection with the prominent attorney's wife, Pamela Vitale.

Investigation Still 'Wide Open' in Horowitz Case
Oct. 18, 2005
Although more than 100 interviews have been conducted, no arrests have been made and the investigation is still "wide open" in the murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of prominent attorney Daniel Horowitz.

Mistrial Declared in Susan Polk Murder Trial
Oct. 17, 2005
A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of Susan Polk, accused of killing her wealthy therapist husband, because of the murder of the wife of her lead attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

Wife of Attorney Daniel Horowitz Found Dead
Ot. 15, 2005
Pamela Vitale, the wife of prominent San Francisco defense attorney Daniel Horowitz, has been found dead at the couple's home and investigators said her death was "definite homicide."

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