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The Mark Hacking Case

Background and the Latest Developments


Mark Hacking has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his pregnant wife, Lori Hacking, who was reported by him as missing on July 19 and whose decomposed body was not found until October in a Salt Lake City area landfill. He was also charged with three counts of obstruction of justice.

Latest Developments

Mark Hacking Sentenced for Wife's Murder
June 6, 2005
Mark Hacking, who shot his pregnant wife Lori while she was sleeping and dumped her body in a trash dumpster, was sentence to six years to life in prison, the maximum sentence allowed under Utah law.

Previous Developments

Mark Hacking Pleads Guilty
April 15, 2005
The Salt Lake City man who is accused of shooting his wife in the head while she slept and dumping her body in the garbage, where it was found five months later, has entered a plea of guilty to murder charges.

Plea Deal Set for Mark Hacking?
April 6, 2005
Speculation is that the trial of Mark Hacking for shooting his wife in the head and dumping her body in trash bin may not take place as scheduled next month because a plea agreement make be in the works.

Hacking Name Removed From Lori's Gravestone
Dec. 5, 2004
The family of Lori Hacking has removed the "Hacking" name from her gravestone and changed it to "Lori Kay Soares" her maiden name. Reports said Mark's family had been informed of the gravestone change and they understood.

Mark Hacking Pleads Not Guilty
Oct. 29, 2004
Mark Hacking pleaded not guilty to killing his wife Lori in a Utah courtroom, indicating that his attorney may be preparing to challenge the confession his client reportedly made while in a psychiatric ward.

No Cause of Death Determined for Lori Hacking
Oct. 20, 2004
An Autopsy was able to confirm the identity but not the exact cause of death for Lori Hacking, because her remains were too broken up by the time police found them in a Salt Lake landfill.

Body of Lori Hacking Found
Oct. 1, 2004
After 33 working days of searching, volunteers found human remains in the Salt Lake landfill that were later confirmed by dental records to be Lori Hacking, who has been missing since July.

Searchers Think They Are Close to Finding Lori Hacking
Sept. 28, 2004
Debris found in the Salt Lake County landfill with addresses from Lori Hacking's neighborhood has volunteer searchers encouraged that they may be close to finding her body as they manually sort through tons of trash.

Mark Hacking Waives Preliminary Hearing
Sept. 22, 2004

Authorities Begin Manual Search for Lori Hacking
Sept. 14, 2004

Search for Lori's Body Suspended
Aug. 17, 2004
After digging through 4,600 tons of trash and finding nothing significant, Salt Lake City police and their cadaver dogs are taking a three-day break in the search for the body of Lori Hacking, to give the dogs and search teams a much-needed break.

Mark Hacking Appears in Court, Hearing Set
Aug. 16, 2004
Mark Hacking, charged in the murder of his wife Lori Hacking appeared before judge William W. Barrett in Salt Lake City court alongside his lawyer D. Gilbert Athay for a brief scheduling hearing. Hacking wore a bullet-proof vest and was escorted by seven bailiffs for his first official court appearance.

    Source: Salt Lake Tribune - Hacking Appears in Court; Prelim Hearing Set

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