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The Robert Blake Case

Background and Latest Developments


Robert Blake, 70, faces charges of murdering Bonny Lee Bakley and soliciting two other men to kill her. Bakley, 44, was shot to death on May 4, 2001, as she sat in Blake's sports car in an alley behind the Los Angeles-area restaurant where the couple had just dined. Blake starred in the 1970s TV cop show "Baretta." See profiles of: Actor Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley

Latest Developments

Judge Rejects Retrial for Robert Blake
Apr. 10, 2006
Superior Court Judge David Schacter had denied a motion from actor Robert Blake for a new trial in the wrongful death civil lawsuit in which a jury awarded members of Bonnie Lee Bakley's family $30 million in damages.

Robert Blake Seeks New Civil Trial
Apr. 3, 2006
Actor Robert Blake's attorney filed a motion seeking a new trial in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Bonnie Lee Bakley, claiming jury misconduct, but at least five of the jurors deny the allegations.

Previous Developments

Blake Wants $30 Million Verdict Set Aside
March 6, 2006
Attorneys for actor Robert Blake have filed a motion saying the $30 million wrongful-death verdict against him is void because the judge in the case did not file the judgment until a week after Blake declared bankruptcy on Feb. 4.

Robert Blake Files for Bankruptcy
Feb. 4, 2005
Actor Robert Blake has filed for bankruptcy two months after a civil court jury awarded $30 million in damages to the family of his murdered ex-wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, but lawyers for the family believe he is hiding assets.

Robert Blake Ordered to Pay $30 Million
Nov. 18, 2005
A jury in a civil trial found actor Robert Blake liable in the May 2001 death of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley and ordered the former television cop show star to pay her children $30 million in damages.

Robert Blake Not Guilty
March 15, 2005
A jury of seven women and five men deliberated for more than 36 hours before returning a verdict of not guilty in the murder of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley and not guilty on one count of soliciting someone to murder her.

Robert Blake Jury Reviews Testimony
March 9, 2005
Jurors in the Robert Blake murder trial requested a read-back of testimony from two witnesses during their third full day of deliberations and ended the day without reaching a verdict.

Blake Jury Deliberates Actor's Fate
March 6, 2005
Jurors deliberated for about an hour and a half Friday before taking a break for the weekend, after Blake's attorney urged them "end this nightmare for Mr. Blake" and clear his name.

Blake Defense Attacks Credibility of Witnesses
March 3, 2005
Defense attorney Gerald Schwartzbach attacked the credibility of several prosecution witnesses, calling one of them a liar "defending his backside," as he made closing arguments.

Prosecution Closes in Blake Trial
March 2, 2005
Prosecutor Shellie Samuels gave jurors in the Robert Blake murder trial a timeline in her closing arguments she said lead to killing his wife himself when all other efforts failed.

Defense Rests Without Robert Blake Testifying
Feb. 23, 2005
The defense rested its case but the former "Baretta" actor did not take the stand in his own defense, as was long speculated in the press. Instead, his attorney showed the jury an interview Blake did with Barbara Walters while in jail.

Blake Did Not Fire Gun, Expert Says
Feb. 22, 2005
The director of a forensic laboratory told jurors that when police tested the actor's hands for gun shot residue and found five particles, they should have found closer to 97 or 98 if he had fired the gun that killed his wife.

Blake Defense Witnesses Contradict Prosecution
Feb. 17, 2005
Blakes's attorneys began presenting witnesses to the jury to attack the credibility of key prosecution witnesses and to back up their claim that an unknown assailant killed Bonny Lee Bakley.

Prosecution Rests, Robert Blake Weeps
Feb. 14, 2005
An emotional Robert Blake had to be escorted from the courtroom after the broke down as the prosecution concluded their case against him in his murder trial.

Prosecution to Rest Case Against Robert Blake
Feb. 14, 2005
After five weeks and 62 witnesses, the prosecution plans to rest in the murder trial of Robert Blake today, with the major portion of its case against the actor coming down to the testimony of three key witnesses -- all of whom have credibility issues.

Blake Offered Stuntman Gun to Kill Bakley
Feb. 9, 2005
Ronald (Duffy) Hambleton, a Hollywood stuntman who worked closely with Robert Blake, was the third witness this week to testify that the actor wanted his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, killed and offered an untraceable handgun to do the job.

Bonny Lee Bakley's Daughter Testifies Against Blake
Jan. 27, 2005
The 24-year-old daughter of Bonny Lee Bakley testified that she heard Robert Blake verbally abuse his wife repeatedly and that Bakley panicked after leaving their child with the actor in Los Angeles.

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