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The Phoenix Baseline Killer Case

Background and Current Developments


Mark Goudeau

Mark Goudeau

Mug shot
Between August 2005 and September 2006, the Phoenix, Arizona, area was terrorized by a serial criminal who authorities believe was responsible for nine murders, 11 sexual assaults of women and young girls and several robberies. Because the first crimes connected to the same suspect occurred along the city's Baseline Road, the suspect was named the "Baseline Killer."

Latest Developments

'Baseline Killer' Gets Death Sentence
Nov. 30, 2011
A man convicted of 67 charges in connection with the Phoenix 'Baseline Killer' case has been sentenced to death by a Maricopa County jury. It took the jury two days to decide to give Mark Goudeau a date with the executioner for the deaths of nine people during a spree that ended with his arrest in June 2006.

Baseline Killer Guilty in 9 Murders
Oct. 31, 2011
After five months of trial, an Arizona jury deliberated seven days before returning guilty verdicts on 67 of 72 charges filed in the Baseline Killer case. Mark Goudeau was convicted of nine counts of first-degree murder and several counts of kidnapping and sexual assault in a case that terrorized Phoenix for almost a year.

Previous Developments

Phoenix Baseline Killer Trial Begins
JUne 6, 2011
Prosecutors called Mark Goudeau a wolf who hunted his victims and shot anyone who would not cooperate point blank in the head, as opening statement began in the Phoenix Baseline Killer case. Defense attorneys told the jury that the case against Goudeau was the result of police tunnel vision.

Baseline Killer's Jury Selection Begins
April 26, 2011
Jury selection has begun in Phoenix in the Baseline Killer case in which nine people were killed. The state is seeking the death penalty against Mark Goudeau who faces 74 felony counts including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual and aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Goudeau Gets 438 Years for Assaults
Dec. 14, 2007
The man suspected of being the Phoenix Baseline Killer has been sentenced to 438 years in prison for his September conviction of sexually assualting two sisters near a city park.

'Baseline Killer' Denied New Trial
Oct. 30, 2007
The convicted rapist and suspected Phoenix Baseline Killer has been denied a bid for a new trial by a Superior Court judge. Mark Goudeau was found guilty in September of 19 charges related to the kidnapping and sexual assault of two sisters near a south Phoenix park in 2005.

Phoenix 'Baseline Killer' Found Guilty
Sept. 7, 2007
A man police believe is the Phoenix "Baseline Killer" responsible for a series of murders and sexual assaults in 2005 and 2006 has been found guilty of 19 charges in connection with the assault of two sisters. Mark Goudeau, 43, still faces trial on 74 other charges, including nine murders.

DNA Linked Baseline Killer to Victim
Aug. 6, 2007
Before an arrest was made in the Phoenix Baseline Killer case, investigators had a list of 75 possible suspects and they had DNA profiles of 29 of them. When DNA collected in a Sept. 20, 2005 sexual assault matched one of those profiles, it belonged to Mark Goudeau, a jury was told.

'Baseline Killer' Trial Begins in Phoenix
July 23, 2007
A man police believe is the "Baseline Killer," responsible for nine murders in the Phoenix area, went on trial for the sexual assault of two sisters.

Phoenix Serial Killer DNA Evidence Questioned
May 10, 2007
A Judge ordered prosecutors to turn over DNA evidence to the defense for independent testing in the Baseline Killer case. The requested DNA samples tie Goudeau to two sexual assaults in 2005, investigators claim.

Man Charged in 'Baseline Killer' Case
Jan. 16, 2007
A man believed to be the "Baseline Killer" of Phoenix has been indicted on 74 felony charges, including nine counts of first-degree murder. Mark Goudeau was also charged with 15 counts of sexual assault and 11 counts of kidnapping.

Police Still Uncertain on Baseline Suspect
Sept. 13, 2006
A 42-year-old construction worker was formally charged with 17 felonies in connection with two sexual assaults, but Phoenix police have still not named Mark Goudeau as a suspect in the "Baseline Killer" case.

Phoenix Police Arrest 'Baseline Killer' Suspect
Sept. 9, 2006
Phoenix police investigating the "Baseline Killer" serial killer and rapist case have arrested a 42-year-old man in connection with two sexual assaults connected to the case. Investigators say they have evidence linking Mark Goudeau to two sexual assaults which occurred on Sept. 20, 2005, but they are still following up evidence in the other cases.

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