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Philip Markoff - The Craigslist Killer (Page 2)

The Secret Life of Markoff Exposed


On April 21, 2007, Markoff was charged with the murder of Julissa Brisman and other burglary and weapons charges. He pleaded not guilty. Bail was denied and he was sent to Nashua Street Jail.

Suicide Attempt

On April 23, Markoff tried to kill himself by hanging himself in his jail with his shoelaces. He was moved to the infirmary and placed on suicide watch.

On the same day, Megan McAllister took down the couple's wedding website.

"More Coming Out"

Markoff's parents, sister-in-law and his estranged brother Jonathan visited him in jail for the first time on April 24. This was also the first time Markoff and his brother had spoken in years.

Dave Wedge of the Boston Herald reported that the meeting was allegedly overheard by guards and that Markoff told Jonathan, "Forget about me... there is more coming out."


Markoff was right. More did come out about a side of him that nobody knew about, including his fiance.

NBC News Jeff Rossen reported on the "Today" show that Markoff may have been soliciting transvestites on Craigslist. Rossen interviewed the man (who remained anonymous) about his experience with the accused "Craigslist Killer."

Markoff had a Yahoo! email address, "sexaddict5385," that he used in spring of 2008 to correspond with the anonymous source. The two exchanged erotic emails and Markoff sent explicit pictures of himself to the man. They corresponded for the last time in January 2009.

Investigators also found evidence of the "sexaddict5385" Yahoo account on Markoff's computer. He had used the email account to register at a BDSM website, Alt.com. It is a website community specializing in alternative lifestyles.

Markoff set up his account in the "Transvestitism" category where he listed himself as a newcomer and his sexual preferences as "submissive." He posted, among other things, that he was interested in wearing a collar and leash and cross dressing.

Breaking Off the Engagement

On April 29, McAllister and her mother visited Markoff in jail. Markoff was dressed in a prison suicide robe, called a "Ferguson Safety Blanket" which is given to inmates on suicide watch in exchange for their prison clothing.

McAllister spent 25 minutes with him and broke off the engagement. She told Markoff that she would probably never see him again. Markoff had little to say but, "I'm sorry."

She never wrote to the press again in support of her (now) ex-fiancé.

Another Suicide Attempt

The next day Markoff attempted suicide again by using a sharp metal spoon to cut his wrist. He did little damage to himself.

By June 2009 Markoff had been moved out of the infirmary and was placed in the general population. He got to know some of the inmates and set up poker games. By all accounts he was adjusting to his life in prison.

McAllister visited Markoff one last time to tell him she was going ahead with her plans to go to medical school in the Caribbean.

Soon after the visit Markoff was caught with stockpile of anti-anxiety pills that he had been prescribed by the prison shrink. He was placed back on suicide watch for a few days.


Markoff, 24, killed himself on Sunday, August 15, 2010, the anniversary of what would have been his wedding day.

He was determined to die.

  • He spread out photos of McAllister on the table inside his cell. He wrote "Megan" and "pocket" in his blood above the doorway of his cell.

  • He slashed major arteries on his ankles, legs and the carotid artery in his neck.

  • He used plastic bags to catch the flowing blood.

  • He swallowed toilet paper so that he could not be resuscitated.

  • He pulled a plastic bag over his head that he tightened with gauze.

  • Then he laid on his bed and covered himself with a blanket.
Philip Markoff was dead.

Charges Dismissed

On September 16, 2010, prosecutors filed a nolle prosequi and dismissed the charges against Philip Markoff.

The more than 120 pieces of evidence against Philip Markoff would someday be released to the public. But legally, Markoff got what he wanted - his case was dismissed.

Update: Evidence Released

On March 31, 2011, the Massachusetts district attorney's office released the evidence that they had on Philip Markoff. Included in the thousands of pieces of evidence was a pair of brown leather shoes that he was wearing at the time of his arrest. The blood of murder victim, Julissa Brisman, was found on the shoes.

Also released was the interview that the detectives had with Markoff on the day of his arrest. In the interview Markoff is heard denying that he has any knowledge about the crimes that the detectives are describing.

"I didn’t tie up and rob anybody. Markoff said. "I don’t really know what you’re talking about." He then asked for an attorney.


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