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The Last Words of Executed Prisoners

The Final Step Before the Execution Begins


The last words of criminals about to be executed not only represents how they wish to be viewed after their death, but it is also the final step before the actual execution begins.

The final statements vary from those who use it as an opportunity to apologize for their crimes to those who proclaim their innocence. Some are angry, blaming the system for their actions, blaming their victims and the victim's family, or blaming the ineptitude of their lawyer. Most will tell their families and friends that they love them; many times asking for forgiveness from them for all that they have endured. Most surprising are those that take a moment to thank the prison warden or to tell their executioner that they are forgiven.

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Jerry MartinFinal Statement of Jerry MartinAnthony BanksFinal Statement of Anthony Rozelle BanksSteven Ray ThackerThe Final Statement of Steven ThackerFrederick TreeshFinal Statement of Frederick Treesh
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