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What Is the Crime of Stalking?




Question: What Is the Crime of Stalking?
Answer: The crime of stalking occurs when someone intentionally and repeatedly follows, harasses or watches another person. Stalking is not a single act, but a series of actions that take place over a period of time.

Generally, stalking is one person trying to force a relationship with someone else who is not willing or not available. The term stalking was first used in connection with celebrities being stalked by obsessed fans, but stalking victims can be anyone who is being harassed, watched or followed repeatedly.

The actions that make up stalking are usually not illegal by themselves, such as calling, texting or mailing someone. But taken together and repeated to the point of harassment, they combine to make up the crime of stalking.

In some states the crime of stalking is referred to as criminal harassment or criminal menace.

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