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Crime and Punishment 101

Learn about crime and the criminal justice system from arrest, arraignment, plea, court trial and appeals process.
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The Stages of a Criminal Case
If you have be arrested for a crime, you are at the start of what could be a long journey into the criminal justice system.

Crimes A to Z
A list of common crimes along with detailed descriptions of each criminal offense.

What Is a Crime?
A person who has violated a law, or has breach a rule, is said to have committed a criminal offense.

Types of Criminal Offenses
In the United States there are three basic classifications of criminal offenses - felonies, misdemeanors and infractions.

The Booking Stage of a Criminal Case
Booking is the term used to describe the processing of an arrested person into police custody.

Talking to Police - Do I Have to Talk to the Police?
Can a police officer stop you in a public place and question you even if you had nothing to do with a crime?

Jurors Asking Questions During Trials
Judges allowing jurors to ask questions during a trial is a growing trend which some in the legal field agree with and some do not. This article reviews both sides of the controversy.

Wrongful Convictions: How Do They Happen?
Wrongful convictions can take place if one or more social conditions plays a factor in the case.

People Busted After Posting Crimes on Facebook
Facebook is a great place for friends and family to share pictures and keep up with each other's lives. It is apparently also a great place for criminals to post about their crimes, that is until they realize that their friends are also members of the local police department.

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